No ano passado, para arrecadar doações para pesquisas de câncer de mama, a Blizzard fez uma ação promocional no Overwatch com a Mercy, onde o jogador comprava a skin da Mercy Rosa e toda a arrecadação foi doada. Muitos jogadores aderiram a causa e é uma das roupas mais bonitas da curandeira! As roupas inclusive inspiram cosplayers pelo mundo na confecção de um cosplay da heroína, e a Jackie fez a Mercy!

A personagem usa um vestido todo rosa, que lembra um pouco as Garotas Mágicas dos mangás e animes japoneses. Veja abaixo como que ficou a caracterização da personagem, e mais fotos você confere em seu Instagram! Fotos por rmzhsn94 e x2lrazan.

Overwatch - Lindo Cosplay da Mercy Rosa - Skin da curandeira - FPS Online OW
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[[Heroes never die!]] . I love Mercy so much although is my waifu. This cosplay won me second place in the professional MEG Festival Cosplay Comp. Thank you to the @megfestival for the nice event! It was really fun to cosplay on both Friday and Saturday! I made new friends and took many pictures with everyone so it really means a lot to me that I got to do something like this. ❤️ . This cosplay is made entirely by myself with a little help from my dad haha. That includes the wings, wing base, costume, clothing and body armor and the leather and fabric clothing. I even had to paint white stockings cause I wanted a certain shade of hot pink to match the boots :') The armor is made up essentially of EVA foam armor, 2 mm foam and 4 mm foam. The wings are made up of 2mm and 10mm with amazing blueprints I bought from @stellachuuuuu 's Etsy. The base is a PVC pipe system which I ran three strips of pink LED into the back of. And the battery is tucked in the strap/dog harness on my lower back 😂. (I'm serious I legit bought a police dog harness) The skirt is made up of light pink fabric and white and pink leather for the elaborate shapes. I also added some pink strass gems in the little diamond on the back! . I'm very proud of myself to have finished this cosplay in time albeit not having the time to work on the staff… Nonetheless it was my first time working with actual EVA foam so I feel like I've struck a milestone. Thank you to everyone who supported me and motivated me to finish it, I'm so happy I did ❤️❤️❤️ Photo taken by @x2lrazan . . . . . . . . . . #pinkmercy #overwatchgame #overwatch #gaming #gamecosplay #mercy #mercyoverwatch #mercycosplay #overwatchcosplay #playofthegame #playofthegameoverwatch #gamergirl #gamer #cosplay #foam #foamsmith #crafting #cosplay_style #cosplaycraft #cosplayer #cosplaygirl #cosplayoutfit #otaku #lebanese #breastcancerawarenessmercy #pink #blondehair #angel #cosplaywings

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[[Pink]] . Throwback to the biggest build I worked on last year! I made Pink Mercy specifically for a gaming event in Lebanon. It helped me improve both my sewing and crafting skills and there are a ton of things I would've done differently, like adding more leather layers and not using a PVC system for the wing harness. It took me exactly three weeks for everything minus her staff. I honestly wish I took more pics so I'm really grateful that @rmzhsn94 managed to catch a couple! . I used EVA foam for all of the wings, chest piece, leg, hand, head and armlet primed it and painted with acrylic. I used an acrylic silver base for silver parts, mixed with black to get a metallic shine. The pink shades were acrylic magenta mixed with white at different levels. The black bodice was actually a part of a swimsuit I had which I glued dyed white leather to to make the pink stripes. The skirt was a normal black one hugged by a tulip like fabric where I added dyed white leather to make the designs. The wings were the funnest part to make. I used @stellachuuuuu 's life saving pattern to make them in time! I wanted to add pink Plexi glass but I had no time ;_; . It's still really hard to find materials prefect for crafting in Lebanon. The only available foam sized are 2 and 10 mm so I had to improvise a lot :') I'll be considering whether to do a new Mercy cosplay in the near future, but by the time I do, I'd like to have all the proper materials 😭 Hope you all liked this essay lol. If y'all wanna ask more questions about the process, I'll be more than willing to answer ❤️ . . . . . . . . . #overwatchgame #overwatchgirls #overwatchcosplay #overwatchmercycosplay #overwatchmercy #mercycosplay #mercyoverwatch #mercy #playofthegame #playoverwatch #cosplaycostume #cosplayers #cosplaysexy #cosplayprop #cosplay_style #cosplaygirlsofinstagram #cosplay #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplayer #crafting #craftsmith #lebanesegirl #geekcosplay #geekgirl #wings #pink #pinkmercy #pinkmercycosplay #gamergirls #gamergirl

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Overwatch - Pink Mercy em Rialto - Mercy Rosa

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